February 1, 2023
Open Arms delivers medical, spiritual healing to patients – Williamsport Sun-Gazette

Open Arms delivers medical, spiritual healing to patients – Williamsport Sun-Gazette


The Open Arms Internal Medicine and Pediatrics has grown from a startup business to a full-fledged private medical practice during three years through Christ-centered service.

The medical practice, founded in 2018 by Russell Gombosi and stationed at the Squire Heyes Homestead on Lycoming Creek Road, specializes in internal medicine, pediatrics and sleep medication. However, Gombosi argues there is more to personal health than what first comes to mind.

In addition to helping patients with physical and mental treatment, Gombosi says spiritual health is important too. Open Arms’ staff makes a point to get to know each individual patient and offer spiritual guidance to help then cope and heal from what is ailing them, be it physical or psychological.

“I answered a calling to go out into the world to focus on Christ-centered health of individuals’ mind, body and soul,” Gombosi said. “I like to include their spirit.”

To do this, Gombosi offers guidance in prayer and meditation to allow his patients, no matter what their faith is, to get the same amount of spiritual exercise as their bodies and minds receive.

“It provides hope–a vision of something beyond. Studies tell us people with faith live longer,” Gombosi said.

Erika Sherlinski, Gombosi’s physician assistant, said that quality of Open Arms is what compelled her to work for Gombosi.

“We are very personable as physicians–that’s important. It really makes you want to work here.”

Gombosi said the spiritual aspect makes Open Arms feel like a family, which he attributes to the business’ rapid growth. That, and he follows up with patients who are staying in hospitals and long-term care homes.

The practice just finished renovations expanding it to allow more patient rooms; however, despite that growth, Gombosi wants to keep the office as small as possible.

“I want to stay personable–whether or not I get a physician partner, I want to slow down a little and focus on the people I serve,” Gombosi said.

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Source: https://www.sungazette.com/news/progress/2021/03/open-arms-delivers-medical-spiritual-healing-to-patients/

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